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Source: Coupon Statistics – The Ultimate Collection 2017

Coupon Solution, Couponpapa

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Create Coupon

Input information, such as campaign name, period, coupon type and amount, and specify other conditions.

Send Coupon

Send the coupons directly to your customers via email, text, messenger apps, or even upload the campaign on your company’s social network account. Also download the codes to print and mail them offline.

Redeem Coupon

Customers can redeem the code by typing in the coupon code in the appropriate section. With the embedded API, Couponpapa will check the validity of the code before the discount is applied. If using Coupon Box widget, the users can simply use the coupon without manually typing it in.

Track Usage

Check how many coupons are redeemed and who are using them. Also check who comes back to repurchase without the coupons.

Why Couponpapa

Easy Use

With few simple codes, software engineers can incorporate Couponpapa to their system and marketers can create their own campaigns.

Strong Analysis Tool

Couponpapa not only tracks the redemption rate but also the total sales and the repurchase rate. These data help calculating the overall cost and earnings from the campaign. 

Focus on what matters

Developing one’s own coupon system requires a lot of time and resource. By using Couponpapa, everyone can focus on what really matters the most to their business.

Internal Approval Process

Approval process provides risk management for your business. Users are divided into two groups: Admin and Members. While members can create campaigns and generate coupon codes, only Admins can approve the actual launch of the campaign.

  • Member

    Create campaign and request for approval.

  • Admin

    Review the request

  • Approve/Reject

    Approve or Reject campaign

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