User Guide

New Campaign

In order to send coupons to the customers, you first need to create a campaign. Click on the “Create Campaign” button on the top menu bar.

Campaign Information

Input campaign name, period, timezone and memo. Campaign name and memo is used for internal purpose only.

Campaign Period

Period means the range of time for the customers to use the coupons.


The timezone of the campaign to be based on.

Discount Type

Choose which type of discount to create (amount, percentage).

Discount Amount

Set the amount for how much off from the total amount the coupon will provide.

Discount Percentage

Set how much percent-off from the total amount the coupon will provide.

Minimum Purchase Amount?

This is to set the least amount the user must purchase in order to redeem the coupon . For example, a $5 coupon can be used when the user purchases more than $50.

Maximum Discount Amount?

This is to set the maximum amount off a coupon code can provide. For example, if a 10% discount coupon was created, you can set that the 10% discount could be no more than $10 discount.

Code Type

Coupon code type is the type of code the user inputs when redeeming a coupon. Couponpapa differentiates into 2 types: Single code and Code Per User. Single code is a universal code that can be redeemed by anyone; Code Per User is a unique code distributed to each user.

Singe Code?

A universal code that can be redeemed by anyone. This can be used when you’re trying to attract new customers to your page. It can be a word, number, or a mix of both that has a meaning and easy to remember, such as ‘CHRISTMAS2017’.

Code Per User?

A unique code for each user. This can be used when you know your recipient and their contact information (email, text message, and more). Unique code will be generated randomly for each user.

Redeem more than once?

This option is only available for Singe code type. By selecting this option, customers will be able to redeem the coupon multiple times.

Redeem limit?

This option is available for Single code type. You can set the maximum number of redeems for a single code. Compared to the Code Per User where one user can redeem his/her own unique code, Single code is open to everyone and thus create possible abusive behaviors.

Generate Codes Only

A method that only generates the coupon codes when the campaign is activated. This method is usually used for offline print coupons. Codes can be downloaded as a CSV file.


A method that generates the code and send the coupon via email to the customers. In order to use this method, you need to know the email address of the recipients. The email list can be uploaded via CSV file or added one by one manually.

Upload Recipient list with CSV file

For a long list of recipients, you can upload the csv file that contains the email address and we will generate the recipient email list.

Coupon Template

Couponpapa provides a default coupon template when sending the coupon via email. You are also free to upload your own image template that you would like to send to your customers.

Restriction to redeem

You can select an option where only customers who actually received the coupon via email can redeem the code.

Couponpapa Coupon Box

Coupon Box is a widget made by Couponpapa. Each user can check the coupons they received in the Coupon Box and use them accordingly. By using the Coupon Box, it reduces the inconvenience of the customers to type in the code manually. Please refer to the API Document for more details.

Share on Facebook

Share the coupon campaign on your Facebook account. Similar to the email, you can upload the campaign using the default Couponpapa template or your own. This method is usually used to share to multiple random people.

About the Approval system

Couponpapa’s internal approval process provides a system to manage the approval workflow transparently and effectively. Users are divided into two groups: Member and Admin. ‘Member’ can create a campaign and input all the necessary information. However, the campaign needs a final approval from the ‘Admin’ in order for it to be activated. ‘Admin’ can create and activate the campaign with no other restrictions.

What is coupon campaign status?

There are five  types of campaign status in the cycle: ‘Preparing – Pending – Approved – Active – Expired’. Preparing: Working on the campaign form; Pending: Campaign form is complete and is waiting for the approval from Admin; Approved: Campaign has been approved and is ready to be active; Active – Campaign is live and coupon has been sent to the customers or uploaded on social network; Expired: Campaign has ended.

Approve Campaign

The Member can ask the Admin for approval once the Member finishes filling out the create campaign form. The campaign status will change from ‘Preparing’ to ‘Pending’. Once the approval request is made, the form cannot be edited.

Cancel Approval request

If the Member wants to edit the campaign form or delete it for whatever reason, the Member can cancel the approval request by clicking on the cancel button no the campaign detail page. The cancelled campaign’s status will be changed back to ‘Preparing’.

What happens when the campaign is approved?

Admin can either approve or reject the pending campaign. If it is approved, the status will change to ‘Approved; and anyone can active the campaign.

What happens if the campaign is rejected?

The campaign status will change to ‘Preparing’.

Edit Campaign

Any information of the campaign can only be edited while on ‘Preparing’ status.

Leave a message

Admin and Member can leave a message to each other during the approval process. These will be logged and can be viewed in the campaign details page.

Redeem by typing

User can redeem the coupon by typing in the coupon code at the payment checkout page of the website. The Couponpapa API will check the validity of the code before applying the discount.

Redeem with Coupon Box

Customers can check the coupons through the Coupon Box widget provided by Couponpapa, and redeem the code immediately without typing in the code manually. For more information, please check out the API Document.

Redeem Rate

Redeem rate shows how many coupons were redeemed compared to how many were issued (or maximum redeem count).

What is Repurchase?

Repurchase means when a customer comes back to the site to purchase an item without using the coupon. Repurchase tracking continuous even if the campaign expires. In other words, repurchase tracking measures the retention of the users, which is one of the most effective statistics to check for coupon marketing.

How to track Repurchase?

Through the embedded API, Couponpapa checks the identifier and records the repurchase amount every time the customer makes a payment. For more information, please check the API Document.

Repurchase User Rate

It is a rate of total number of customers who made a repurchase divided by the total number of customers who used the coupon. The higher the rate the more successful the coupon marketing campaign is by targeting the proper customers. 

What is Net Contributed Sales?

It is the total sales earned during the coupon campaign. It is the sum of campaign sales and repurchase sales. 

Total and Net Contributed Sales

Total contributed sales mean the total sales earned with the coupon. Net contributed sales is the subtraction of Total contributed sales to the total discount amount (sum of the total amount of coupons redeemed).

Check Campaign History

Details of the Campaign can be found in the campaign detail page. Information such as who created the campaign, who approved or activated it, and all the messages the team communicated.

Sign Up

Sign up through our Couponpapa website. When signing up, we check the domain address (the part after @ in the email) to verify if the team already exists or not. If it exists, you will need to ask the team owner (the first person to sign up) to invite you. For inquiries, contact

Connect API

After the sign up, you must first complete the API connection setup in order to use Couponpapa.

Invite Team Member

The first personnel to sign up on Couponpapa with the company email address will be the team owner. The team owner is able to invite other users to the team in the [Account > Members].

What is credit?

Credit is needed when using Couponpapa service. Credit gets deducted when a coupon is sent via email, coupon redemption is made, and when repurchase tracking is made. Credit can be purchased through a monthly plan or purchase permanent credits.

Purchase Credits

Permanent credits can be purchased at any point of time as the credits does not expire at the end of the month.

Register Pricing Plan

Couponpapa provides several different type of pricing plans. Credits that come with the plan expire by the end of each month and does not roll over to the next month. Any change request to the plan will take into effect on the 1st of the following month.

Member Type

Member can create a campaign and fill out the form but cannot activate it. Final approval must be made by the Admin. On the other hand, Admin can create and activate the campaign, and change the member’s type or the pricing plan in the Settings.

How do you stop a campaign?

Once the campaign is activated, it cannot be stopped manually. For emergency situations that needs the campaign to be stopped, please contact

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