Our Pricing

Per coupon redeem

1 Credit

Per Repurchase Tracking

0.2 Credit

Per 1,000 emails

2 Credit

Pay by its effectiveness

Our pricing structure is based on the redemption of the coupon and their repurchase upon their return. In other words, we only charge when the coupon is actually used. Therefore, if the coupon marketing isn’t productive, simply there’s nothing to pay.

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Purchase Permanent credit

Credits are used when you send a coupon to the customer, a customer redeems a coupon or repurchase tracking occurs for a particular customer. You can purchase the permanent credits based on the table on the right, and these credits don’t have a specific expire date so use them until you hit zero.

$49100 Credit
$149330 Credit
$249600 Credit
$4991300 Credit

* The price table above does not apply to entities in Korea

Monthly Pricing

More reasonable pricing is available with monthly plans. (Does not apply to Korea)


10 Credits per month
  • Equivalent to:
    • 10 Coupon Redeems
    • 50 Repurchase Tracking
    • 5,000 Email Distribution


300 Credits per month
$99 / mo
  • Equivalent to:
    • 300 Coupon Redeems
    • 1,500 Repurchase Tracking
    • 150,000 Email Distribution


Unlimited Usage

Need More?

To discuss for custom or other options, please contact us.

* Note: Unused credits by the end of the month will not roll over to the next month. 

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