Privacy Policy


1. Collection of Data
Couponpapa Company Limited (the “Company”) collects information through its website on (the “Website”) in several places.

If you use the Website, you will need to register to use certain features (each registered user a “User”). The registration process requires that you provide us with your email address and domain name or company name (“Personal Data”). The Personal Data will be handled by the Company in strict confidence according to the applicable legal provisions. The Personal Data will only be collected, processed and used for the purpose of providing our Website functions, unless you expressly consent to other uses. The Personal Data is collected, used and processed electronically. No persons under the age of 18 will be actively marketed to, nor will they be knowingly asked to provide personal information.


2.Use of Personal Data
The Company will only transfer or process Personal Data to third parties if this is required for statutory or legal reasons and/or if this is required in order to offer and implement services of the Company to you and/or if the Company has your explicit consent to do so.

The Company shall be entitled to collect, process and use your Personal Data for the purpose of identifying, delimiting and removing malfunctions and errors in the telecommunication systems during the time defined within the Terms of Service. If the requirements are met, the Company may collect, process and use Personal Data that is necessary to uncover any unlawful use of the telecommunication systems and services. In accordance with prevailing legal provisions, the Company may provide information to criminal prosecution authorities and courts for prosecution purposes. Apart from this, the Company will not pass on your Personal Data without your explicit prior consent.


3. Use of Web Analytic Services

The Company may send you a newsletter with information regarding its services or other promotional material. You may cancel the order at any time and free of charge by using the link in the newsletter or by sending an email at


Consent to use of personal data

  1. I hereby consent to the collection, processing and use of the personal data, i.e. email address, domain name and/or company name (“Personal Data”) by Couponpapa Company Limited, 3/F V-Plex Building Teheran-Ro 501, Gangnam-Gu Seoul Korea.
  2. I further consent to the use of my Personal Data by the Company for the purposes of market researches and sending me a newsletter.
  3. I can withdraw these consents and opt-out of having information collected by or submitted to the Company at any time by opting out at


4. Information
Upon request, the Company shall provide you with the information on the stored Personal Data relating to your person, free of charge and without delay. The information can be provided electronically, if desired. In applicable cases the Company is obliged, upon request, to correct, block or delete the Personal Data stored about you.


5. Cookies
The Company makes use of cookies to provide its Users with a customized product/service through identifying unique visitors and their respective usage patterns. Cookies are identifiers placed on a User’s hard drive by the server and allow the Company to streamline its products to better suit Users’ needs. Demographic and traffic data may be collected by third parties on our website. Third parties may also use cookies, for which we have neither access nor control. The combination of this data could inadvertently lead to the identification of individual Users. User data may from time to time be collected and analyzed for statistical purposes, though in this case no individual’s data will be identified. If the User has agreed to provide their information to third parties with the ultimate goal of receiving personalized products and services, then the Company may provide said third parties with the relevant data. In this case, we rely on technical and organizational means to assure that applicable data security regulations are followed. All information, whether on data processors on the Company’s premises or on servers acting on the Company’s behalf, remains in complete control of the Company at all times. Servers may be located in jurisdictions where data protection laws differ from those in the User’s jurisdiction.


6. Right of Access, Correction, and Cancellation
You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your credentials and information associated with your account that you desire to remain confidential. You also agree that you are responsible for any and all activities that may take place, or occur under your credentials and account.

Maintaining the confidentiality of the User’s credentials is the sole responsibility of said User. Any activities that take place under a User’s account are the responsibility of that User. If Users wish to withdraw usage rights, they can at any time delete their account.


7. Data Protection
The Company hereby explicitly notifies that data protection and data privacy during data transfer via open networks such as the Internet cannot be completely guaranteed under the current state of technology. You understand and acknowledge that the provider can view, in technical terms, the pages stored on the web server and, perhaps, other data stored on such server at any time.


8. Contact
Should you have further questions concerning the Data Privacy Provisions, please do not hesitate to contact us at